Guangdong volunteers carry out grassroots cultural activities to add “cultural flavor” to the Chinese New Year

2022-04-26 0 By

At 9 am, guangzhou South Railway Station is busy and orderly.Waiting hall, a group of calligraphers are on the scene, particularly striking.Recently, Li Yuandong, president of Guangdong Calligraphy Institute and vice chairman of Guangdong Volunteer Association, and Fan Gujue, vice president of Guangdong Calligraphy Institute and director of Guangdong Volunteer Association led 17 famous calligrapher in Guangdong to Guangzhou South Railway Station to offer spring blessings to tourists.A piece of “fu” word, a Spring Festival couplets, and should be asked to draw small tigers have been “baked”.The tourists received the blessing from the calligrapher and set off on their journey home with smiles.Volunteers from The Guangzhou Railway Group distributed New Year pictures and calendars to the passengers, saying “Happy New Year” to bring warmth on the way home.”By the bank of pearl River, I can reach south…”With a melodious song, the volunteers from guangdong Volunteers Association came on stage.Singers Li Siyin and Pan Xu from Guangdong Song and Dance Theater, Li Bai, Zhang Zhaoxi and Quan Linli from Southern Song and Dance Troupe came to the center of the hall to sing.The music flash mob of “Warm Feeling Home Road” jointly launched by Guangdong Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Guangzhou Railway Group and Guangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles was then opened.Then, members of “Beginner’s Mind” art troupe from guangzhou South Railway Station gathered from all directions to bring dynamic dance.A chorus of “Piloting” attracted many passengers to stop to watch and raise their mobile phones to record the surprise moments in the journey.Lian, deputy director of the guangdong federation of group, the full-time vice chairman of the volunteers association of guangdong jinpeng is introduced: “literary volunteers into the countryside, school, community, and often, this special plan come to guangzhou south station, in the form of wave spring and music flash, bring trouble on the road people art of comfortable, warm, giving the ground the volunteer activities.””Happy New Year!Send ‘blessing’!”In Donggang Town, Huilai County, Jieyang City, waves of Shouting bring a lively festive atmosphere.Not long ago, calligraphers from Guangzhou, Jieyang and other places came to Donggang Town as literary and artistic volunteers to send blessings to the villagers. They were warmly welcomed.On the day of the activity, volunteers handed out more than 500 Chinese characters “fu” and nearly 600 pairs of Spring Festival couplets, adding the flavor of the New Year with ink and ink and warming people’s hearts.At the same time, Li Xianhua, the first-level inspector of the provincial Federation of Literary and art and the chairman of the Provincial Association of Literary and art Volunteers, led the Guangdong Red Literary and art Light Cavalry to nanlian Village, Sanrao Town, Raoping County, Chaozhou City, and the fire and rescue brigade of Jieyang Airport Economic Zone, and delivered a series of enthusiastic performances of artistic sympathy for the villagers and grass-roots workers.The artists donated Spring Festival couplets, calligraphy and painting, sent a batch of grain, oil, quilts and condolence money to the poor, and sent warmth to the Party and the government.This is a series of vivid practices of “Our Chinese Dream” — bringing culture to thousands of People in Guangdong.Over the past few days, Guangdong art volunteers have given full play to their artistic expertise and gone deep into the grassroots, bringing various forms of service projects and mass cultural activities such as Spring Festival, song and dance performances, instrumental music performances, exhibitions and art classes to popularize traditional culture and art, adding a strong “cultural flavor” to the Chinese New Year.”Since its establishment in January 2018, the Guangdong Red Literary Light Cavalry has carried out more than 3,000 activities to benefit the people in accordance with the model of ‘benefiting the people + serving the people + gathering the customs’.The provincial Federation of Literary and art volunteers, the provincial Association of literary and art volunteers will be committed to the various fields, all levels of volunteers, especially literary and art volunteers widely united, the popularization of art activities among the people, advocating civilized new wind, leading the fashion of The Times, to create a take away the literary and art volunteer service team.”(Nanfang Daily reporter Xu Ziming intern Qiu Wenxin)