Why does Shenzhen have return move room?

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Shenzhen is a “demolished” city with 800 renovation projects. Land resources are scarce in Shenzhen. It is an undeniable fact that land can be acquired for development through urban renewal and old properties, such as factories, farmers’ houses and dilapidated houses, can be demolished through urban renewal.The reconstruction of a part of the new property commercial housing as compensation, compensation to return to the house, the house is what we say return to the house.šŸŒˆ What is the housing structure like in Shenzhen?According to incomplete statistics, shenzhen šŸ‘‰ commercial housing accounted for 17% VšŸ’„ urban villages accounted for 47% occupy the entire šŸ‘‰ industrial dormitory accounted for 17% SšŸ’„ Shenzhen half of the country and according to the current state of The Port apartment and other housing accounted for 9%.šŸ‘‰ units built from 5%šŸ‘‰ security housing 5%šŸŒˆ what is the return of small property rights of commercial housing?šŸ‘‰ has red property ownership certificate, property rights for 70 years with market liquidity, collectively referred to as commercial housing.šŸ‘‰ farmer housing unified building pig liver green historical legacy illegal buildings, collectively referred to as small property.Shenzhen is an international metropolis, just to Shenzhen entrepreneurial struggle, high housing prices let many people back, many people rent or buy from their work closer to the farmers’ houses, continuous transactions, continuous circulation, which is also the existence value of shenzhen small property rights.šŸ‘‰ return to housing through urban renewal expropriation shanty land reconditioning interests to get the red property, the red back to housing.šŸ‘‰ take root to buy a house in Shenzhen, need condition.Shenzhen household registration to the family unit, single or individual divorced to buy a house, non-Shenzhen households, can only buy one, because shenzhen housing policy, a lot of people shut the door.Shenzhen housing does not need quotas and social security, money can buy, the only threshold, is the need for one-time payment.Many people seize this opportunity to enjoy more dividends of urban renewal.