Fuzhou Linchuan District: leading by party construction to improve the level of property management services

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“I feel a strong sense of pride every time I see the five-starred red flag flying in our community.”Living in Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, Linchuan district west street 1959 small area owner Ms. Liu spoke of his small area, feeling extremely.The national flag flying in the village of 1959 AD.There was a time when garbage was everywhere, living facilities were broken down, and burglary was common in the community, leading to complaints from residents.But now, the community has changed its old appearance and realized a big change.Here, the roads are clean and the green belt is neat;Here, the neighborhood is friendly, everyone united as a family.It is worth mentioning that the flag-raising ceremony is held every week and residents voluntarily participate in it.The bright five-star red flag flutted in the wind every day, fully showing the community residents love the country and love the party and the heart of Thanksgiving.Why has a property service lack, public facilities obsolete aging, dirty and messy environment, in-service party members stealth units, retired party members deep home in the ordinary community, can in just a few years of time “reborn”, and by the province, city, district levels of frequent attention?Investigate its reason, is that the community to the party to lead the property, seriously explore the practice of “three melt three promote three heart” grid management ideas, prepared a leaky “pipe network”.Wherever the people are and where the needs of the people are, Party building should cover them.To solve the problem of community management, the most critical point is to be everywhere for the sake of residents, always consider the interests of residents.And want to accomplish this point, must develop the vanguard exemplary role of communist.After analysis, there are two biggest difficulties in district management, one is difficult to charge, one is difficult to park, as long as these two problems are solved, all problems will be solved.Overcoming difficulties will reveal the true colors of communists.It is understood that the AD 1959 community is now the implementation of fuzhou city’s lowest fee standards, but also can balance 600,000 yuan for the community construction.The community through legal channels will be civil air defense engineering parking space use rights owners, to solve the parking problem.Sincerely win the hearts of the people.The solution of two difficult problems, so that all residents see in the eyes, in mind.They have taken the initiative to cooperate, together, together to beautify their homes.National Day of 2021, the West Street office held a flag-raising ceremony.From 2016, 1959 AD community set up industry committee and autonomous property, party members accounted for 73%;After the establishment of the district grid party branch, clear “cross office” “party members hang”, autonomous property 100% accept industry authority direct leadership.The community has formed a leadership collective that is courageous, responsible and dedicated.Improved the area “+ LouDongChang + grid member unit” grid management structure, gradually formed a “grid members + members LouDongChang + party member center m households” management service mode, all the party members’ tube, give full play to the party member’s cutting edge exemplary role, resolve disputes, mediation neighborhood disputes, promote harmonious neighborhood.At present, the community property management fee collection rate of 100%.The annual income of the self-governing property is less than 1 million yuan. However, after careful calculation, the surplus fund is more than 600,000 yuan in less than 3 years, which is all used for the construction of the community.The community used 260,000 yuan to replace the monitoring system, set up 177 probe, to achieve 24 hours of full coverage without dead Angle of intelligent monitoring, effectively curb theft;With 200,000 yuan to improve the road reconstruction, community lighting and elevator maintenance, so that all owners feel the changes around, the power of the organization;To the owners of family difficulties, we visit them every year, and distribute gifts before the Spring Festival every year to give back to all owners, and thank all owners for their strong support.In the past two years, the community has also opened a library, set up an English corner, owners’ reading club and dance team, set up a standard flagpole, held activities such as raising the national flag and singing the national anthem, improved entertainment and fitness facilities, realized the normalization of cultural activities, and protected the owners’ physical and mental health.”In the neighborhood, we are like a family.”A word from the owner speaks of the harmony and friendship of the community.(Zhang Jinhui)