Change in oil prices!

2022-04-25 0 By

Thursday evening (24 o ‘clock March 17), domestic refined oil retail price adjustment again opened, oil prices are expected to rise sharply again!Data showed that as of 15th, the change rate of comprehensive crude oil varieties was 23.65%, and the oil price forecast was increased by about 1010 yuan/ton, unchanged from the previous day, and kept the increase stable, which translated into a rise of about 0.81 yuan.According to this calculation, a car owner will have to pay about 40 yuan more to fill up a 50 liter tank of 92 gasoline, and 95 gasoline will enter the 9 yuan era of running.The final rise or fall of the National Development and Reform Commission to release the news shall prevail.The next round of oil price adjustment is: 24:00, March 17th, 2022!Source: Zhengzhou Evening News