Zhou Xiaowei led a team to investigate the preparation of tea industry production

2022-04-24 0 By

In recent days, Zhou Xiaowei, director of the Standing Committee of the Xixiu District People’s Congress, led a team to shuangbao Town, Daxiqiao town, Jiuzhou town, Jichang township and other places to investigate the preparation of tea industry production.Yang Kaixiang, Liu Changqing, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, Yang Yuegang, deputy head of the district, and heads of relevant departments directly participated in the survey.Zhou Xiaowei line has to double fort town gold bud planting base, the twelve studying management office, township guizhou township jade tea industry co., LTD., is sure to spend their village, onishi bridge town dog field in guizhou anshun spring tea industry co., LTD., the old state town anshun the Kowloon hills tea industry co., LTD., insight into production line to check the production equipment, process flow,Detailed conversation with tea companies, local cadres, listen to the tea plucking labor, production safety, and epidemic prevention and control measures to carry out the fresh tea, such as mining preparation is introduced, and around the industry development, the protection of origin, the enterprise development planning, product packaging, promotion, etc, to communicate, the problems and difficulties in developing, on-site coordination processing.Zhou Xiaowei pointed out that Xixiu district has ecological and geographical advantages to develop the tea industry, so it should make full use of its environmental advantages, scientific planning, optimization of production technology, extension of the industrial chain, constantly make the industry bigger and stronger, and effectively transform the ecological advantages into development advantages.We should carry out in-depth research on tea culture, dig deeply into the stories of tea culture, inherit tea making skills and ingenuity of tea art, and let culture add wings to the development of the industry.We should strengthen technical guidance and training, further improve the level of tea planting and tea making, and firmly do deep and fine “tea” articles.We should aim at market demand, focus on variety protection, market development and brand building, make efforts to consolidate and enhance brand influence and market share, make xixiu tea industry to make quality and characteristics, and form a high-quality characteristic industry.Zhou xiaowei called on all relevant departments to do a good job in serving the tea industry, effectively solve the difficulties and problems in the development of the tea industry, and vigorously promote the development of the tea industry.At the same time, tea enterprises should seize the opportunity of spring tea production and marketing, standardize the picking standards and processing procedures, improve the quality of tea, ensure the income of tea farmers, and benefit the people.(Sun Dezhi, Chen Hongchang)