Yongzheng Dynasty: Why did Kangxi “pressure” Longcodo for a long time

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In Yongzheng Dynasty, there is such a detail: When Kangxi was on his deathbed, he urgently summoned Longcodo. At first, he asked Zhang Tingyu to read out two imperial edict with completely opposite contents, and frightened Longcodo by using kindness and power.Later, Kangxi stroked Longcodo’s shoulder and told him a secret hidden for many years: these years have been pressing him, not his sixth uncle Tong Guowei, but Kangxi himself.Kangxi’s words, immediately make Longcodo meng forced, in fact, the audience is also very confused.So kangxi after all “pressure” Longcodo?Why did Kangxi keep “pressing” Longcodo?To answer these questions, we need to explore roncodo’s life in those early years, which will need to be answered in more detail in the show.Loncodo’s early life experience, the TV series did not specifically present, more through some memories or dialogue to mention some of the fragments.When Longcodo was young, he had followed Kangxi in the south and north wars, and because of his bravery, he was appreciated by Kangxi, and Kangxi gave him a treasure knife.This can be confirmed by the memory picture in his mind when Longcodo was chased by Yinzhen to pay the debts owed by the state Treasury and had to pawn a treasure knife.Visible at that time Kangxi is very optimistic about Longcodo.Long codo to follow The Kangxi military meritorious service, they were arranged to pass outside the army.This through tong Guowei find Longcodo plot “discuss the new prince” plan, some of the details of the dialogue can be seen.As Tong Guowei said, the reason why longcodo to lead the troops outside the guan, on the one hand, I hope he can continue to experience in the hard place, good for further reuse in the future, on the other hand, also hope longcodo this “seed player” away from the capital, to avoid early into the brothers for the battle.Otherwise, if Roncodo was on the wrong side, the wrong master, it would be a disaster, the waste of such a good seed can be cultivated.Make this arrangement, not only is tong Guowei’s meaning, more kangxi’s default.Because of longcodo’s special status, he became an important chess piece for Kangxi’s personnel layout in the future court.Just think, Longcodo not only has the ability to handle affairs, his family is also connected with the royal family blood, once properly cultivated, will become the emperor Kangxi rely on very much in the future.Unfortunately, the young Longcodo did not see through the profound meaning of this, can not eat the pain of the soldiers outside the pass, also thought That Kangxi and Tong Guowei is deliberately difficult for him, he secretly fled back from the pass, quite when the deserter.Running away is not only a military taboo, but also a taboo in the workplace.Longcodo was originally as a seed players to focus on training, and his cold feet, disrupted the personnel arrangements of Kangxi.Kangxi is not only very disappointed with him, and will even think that people like Longcodo speculative thinking too much, embarrassed.This desertion was a small misdeed, a big one, which destroyed all of Loncodo’s previous achievements.Tong Guowei although as longcodo six uncle, also know that longcodo this operation caused a great loss, will not be repaired, had to continue to cold Longcodo.Until “discuss the new prince” during the storm, Kangxi alone interview Tong Guowei, ask tong family which young generation can come out to do things?Without thinking, Mr. Tong recommended Mr. Loncodo.See kang Xi meaningful ground to say a sentence: “small many son also experience to train almost!”Kangxi can be seen before longcodo’s every move well.Therefore, through a series of details above, we might as well think boldly, although Kang Xi may not deliberately under the purpose, let Tong Guowei to “pressure” Longcodo promotion pace, but Kang Xi is really “pressure” Longcodo meaning.The main reason is that he disobeyed the arrangement and secretly ran back from the prison.Tong Guowei is well versed in Kangxi’s psychology, and for the sake of the tong family’s future interests, they will follow the meaning of Kangxi, long time “pressure” Longkeduo.Although Kangxi is quite disappointed with Longcoduo, but Longcoduo’s special identity and relationship background makes Kangxi finally have to pay to Longcoduo on his deathbed, the important matters of his postharal succession, entrusted to Longcoduo — Kangxi is not completely assured for Han Minister Zhang Tingyu.In Kangxi’s view, only real people are worth relying on.An important measure of “one’s own people” must be blood ties.Another lesson can be drawn from a review of Roncodo’s entire life.Kangxi or tong Guowei, early years sent Longcodo to pass to lead soldiers, is hoping longcodo in the hard environment to temper and grow, because they as experienced, know that a person want to grow up to be able to support the whole dynasty of pillars, must be thoroughly tempered.Loncodo’s mind, however, is not on how to make himself a useful person.Think at the beginning, he is still small many children identity, take the initiative to find Tong Guowei to ask for a job, then said: so many years, you (Tong Guowei) when the prime minister of the imperial court.How many people have prospered in your hands?How many talents less than my nephew, have opened a government building, living in eight.Longcodo has always been out of the official goal set for personal success, open a government building house, living eight, there is no governance anbang pattern.So, in order to achieve their “life goals” as soon as possible, Longkedo young when desertion, old age is more will participate in the eight ag-led forced palace event without thinking, and eventually fall into disgrace.At the end of the day, it was a mismatch between what Roncodo was doing and the resources he was given.