“Yearning for life” the sixth season will record, small H small O to the seaside, netizens: looking forward to the original cast

2022-04-24 0 By

As a national life variety show, The Yearning Life has accompanied netizens for five seasons.Now, it has been announced that a sixth season will be recorded, leaving viewers excited.That’s when Huang lei revealed on his radio that he will soon be working on the sixth season of “A Life of Longing.””I’m going to be working soon,” he said. “In March, I’m recording ‘The Life of Yearning,’ and ‘Drama new Life.'”Earlier, director Zhang Hangxi posted pictures of himself on weibo.It’s a seven-second video of the familiar little H and O.It snowed in Hangzhou, the director said, and the dogs “went to the seaside.”Looks like season 6 is here for real.In the content, the director also revealed a very important information, that is the location of the recording.Heading to an island suggests that season 6 May be set near an island.In the first five seasons, most of the locations were in the quiet and beautiful countryside.Simple natural environment, fresh style, let the audience linger.There is no fierce competitive environment, but it gives people a spiritual washing.This time, the program set the location in the seaside, or very yearning.The second question is what the audience cares about most.Who will be invited to the show?Whether it’s a resident guest or a flying guest, it’s very important.Can affirm above all is, Huang Lei is to join for certain.This is not surprising, as huang Lei and He Jiong are the main characters in the show, responsible for the basic arrangement of food, clothing, housing and transportation for the whole family.Without them, it would be a lot less fun.And Huang Lei is also known as “Huang Xiao Kitchen”, his cooking is not mention much let, which is very rare in the entertainment circle.The rest of the guests are also highly anticipated.In the comments section, Internet users pointed out that this time the five guests “Huang Lei, He Jiong, Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Yixing, Peng Yuchang” should not be missed.The duo, they were the guest group for season five.The fifth season, which aired last year, had a slightly lower rating than its predecessor, but still passed.In addition to returning to the original life, the show also added the theme of “self-reliance, self-sufficiency.”Whether resident guests, or flying guests, all need to use labor in exchange for daily necessities.The success of variety shows is inseparable from the guests invited by the program group.Huang Lei and He Jiong are the patriarchs. one is in charge of the kitchen, the other is responsible for arranging human resources and coordinating time.Peng Yuchang, Zhang Zifeng and Zhang Yixing, the three children are mainly responsible for the help and labor.This allocation is also appropriate.Variety shows are like that. You need someone to do the work, someone to be funny, someone to be the leader.Everyone has their own responsibilities and obligations.If there are flying guests to, such as Li Dan Chen He and other people, it is still to “dry a”.Both variety sense, but also to help the mushroom house to solve the problems of life, or good.As for the rest of the staff, who have nothing to do with the tone of the show, please invite as few as you can.Look forward to season 6.