Tianjin these two “national level” enterprises are expected to both “break ten thousand” this year!

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The reporter learned from the municipal science and technology Bureau yesterday that the number of national high-tech enterprises and national science and technology smes exceeded 9,100 last year, up 23.9% and 12.4% respectively year-on-year, and the main role of enterprises in innovation continues to strengthen.This year, the city will continue to implement the plan of doubling high-tech enterprises and accelerate the development of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises. It is expected that the number of national high-tech enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises will exceed 10,000.According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the municipal government has revised the subsidy method for enterprises after r&d investment, granting 375 million yuan to more than 2,740 enterprises after R&D investment, encouraging enterprises to improve the level of technological innovation.According to the four batch working mechanism of “selection + warehousing + cultivation + identification”, the number of national high-tech enterprises in The city has reached 9198, and the operating income of high-tech enterprises accounts for more than 60% of the operating income of industrial enterprises above designated size.There are 9196 national science and technology smes, 4974 baby eagle, 378 Gazelle and 230 leading science and technology (nurturing) enterprises, respectively.At present, there are 86 technology business incubators above the municipal level in Zhuhai, and 4300 incubated enterprises. 15 national incubators have reached GRADE A in the evaluation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the number and rate of excellence are higher than those of Beijing and Shanghai, achieving the best performance in history.There are 206 innovation Spaces at or above the municipal level, 6,200 resident enterprises and teams, and the “chassis” of science and technology enterprises keeps growing.Science and technology finance brought timely rain to the eagle enterprises, but also to the leading enterprises.The city has improved the financial support system for the whole life cycle of science and technology enterprises. The government has contributed 930 million yuan from guiding funds, set up 27 sub-funds with equity participation, and invested in 259 science and technology enterprises, generating 21.36 billion yuan of investment and financing, and supporting science and technology enterprises to grow bigger and stronger.At the same time, we innovated and improved 37 financial products and services, contributing to 109.6 billion yuan in loans for science and technology enterprises, up 8.7 percentage points year on year.Science and technology guarantee service 1711 science and technology enterprises, the number of which doubled, the balance in the insurance of 3.04 billion yuan.Municipal science and technology bureau said that this year, the city will continue to increase the gradient cultivation of science and technology enterprises, the evaluation of the database of baby eagle, gazelle, science and technology leaders (cultivation) enterprises are expected to exceed 5000, 400, 240 respectively.At the same time, we will strengthen the precise service and key cultivation of incubation institutions, build a three-level cultivation system of “district-level cultivation, city-level recognition and recommendation to the state”, guide the professional and characteristic development, continue to expand the base number and expand the number of national level.This year, 15 municipal incubators are expected to be added, and more than 4,500 enterprises will be incubated.Source: Tianjin Daily