Remembrance of the 10th anniversary of linsanity!No kardashian, New York is forever favorite

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Madison Square Garden “footprint” as we all know, the NBA in the New York Knicks home court is famous Madison Square Garden, located in the United States of the large population in Manhattan, New York City, is the world’s most famous arena, it is considered to be New York’s “door face”.Therefore, to be able to leave their “footprints” in the historic Madison Square Garden is what many basketball stars crave very much.Many NBA stars have had sensational moments at Madison Square Garden, such as Michael Jordan’s 55-point game after a one-year retirement, Mailer’s eight-point streak in 8.9 seconds,61 points from Bryant and Harden, 52 points from James, 54 points from Curry and 11 3-pointers and 62 points from Carmelo Anthony (Madison Square Garden’s most points per game).However, the star we are going to talk about is not like the above players, he either scored 50+ or 60+ points in a game performance, or set the limit of the historical miracle.Although there are no top statistics, but in a short period of 16 days from February 4, 2012 to February 19, 2012, he set off a “crazy” craze at Madison Square Garden.February 4, 2012, is definitely one of the most memorable days for Chinese-American player Jeremy Lin.On that day, Lin made his knicks debut in a home game against the New Jersey Nets. He finished with 25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals in 36 minutes of 10-of-19 shooting off the bench.On February 6, 2012, Lin was named to the starting lineup in the Knicks’ home game against the Utah Jazz. He played 45 minutes and scored 28 points, 2 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals on 10-for-17 shooting.Two games later, Lin’s name began to ring out at Madison Square Garden, and he was already getting a lot of attention.Since then, Lin has continued his hot streak,25 points +11 rebounds +2 assists +1 steals +1 block, 38 points +4 rebounds +7 assists +2 steals, 20 points +6 rebounds +8 assists +3 steals, 27 points +2 rebounds +11 assists +1 steals, 10 points +5 rebounds +13 assists, 26 points +2 rebounds +5 assists +4 steals and 28 points +4 rebounds +14 assists +5 stealsSteal +1 block stat.In his first nine games with the Knicks, Lin averaged 25.3 points, 4.6 rebounds, 8.4 assists and 2.3 steals, shooting 52.3 percent from the field while leading the Knicks to an 8-1 record (including seven wins in their first seven games).Lin scored 38 points against Kobe Bryant’s 34 against the Lakers.He also had a stunning 3-pointer against the Raptors.Lin became the favorite of the Knicks, overshadowing carmelo Anthony.The nickname “Linsanity” spread throughout New York City. Lin, then 24, had never started a game before joining the Knicks and had been cut by the Warriors and Rockets.In the wake of the linsanity wave, Lin’s fame has made him the talk of the town.The extent of Lin’s influence at the time was reflected in the fact that his jerseys were sold out, the second most in the league behind Bulls star Derrick Rose.Jeremy Lin’s popularity with women has increased so much that even Kim Kardashian has been courting Lin.At the time, Kim was looking for a new partner after 72 days of marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, and Lin caught her eye.It didn’t take long for Kim Kardashian to publicly announce her love for Lin, setting her up through Anthony’s ex-wife Lala In hopes of meeting Lin for dinner.But Lin said no because he knew he wasn’t Kim kardashian’s type, and he knew she was just trying to “hype” and get traffic.It’s been a decade since the “Linsanity” era, and many fans have forgotten about Lin, including Lin himself, who shared his feelings on social media.”A decade goes by really fast,” Lin said. “Everything seems fuzzy during Linsanity, but the Knicks are my all-time favorite.”When Lin, 23, slept on landry’s couch fearing he’d be cut, no one expected him to be reborn with the Knicks.In addition to Lin’s individual efforts, the Knicks gave him a chance.For that, Lin has been grateful to the Knicks and the city of New York.Lin’s success is due to his persistent efforts.And the discipline of his off-court life has made him more focused on the basketball court.Lin’s NBA career might have been even brighter if not for his injuries.With NBA championship and Player of the Week honors in hand, Lin has no regrets. Hopefully, Lin can continue to pursue his basketball dream in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).This article by the elder brother kan ball original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!