Case study of MSc Commercial Project Management in University of Manchester

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Name: Wang Undergraduate: Zhengzhou Sias Major: Finance School: University of Manchester Major:As part of The prestigious Russell Group of universities, The University of Manchester is recognised globally for The quality of its research and teaching, with equal emphasis on supporting international students.Support is provided to students at all stages, from before application to arrival.MSc Commercial Project Management prepares students for professional roles in business Project Management by providing students with an understanding of the personnel and technical requirements, as well as organizational and strategic aspects, required to successfully manage projects.It also emphasizes the business aspects of project management: for example, marketing and sales, financial management, procurement, bidding and contract management.The MASTER of Science course is one of four masters of Science courses in the Project Management Unit.Other MSC programmes are: Project Management, Construction Project Management and Engineering Project Management.Copyright notice: part of the text and pictures from the network, only for learning, exchange, do not have any commercial purposes, copyright belongs to the original author, if you have any questions, please contact us to deal with.We will timely correct, delete or handle according to law.